Dimensions as a stage: 8 m x 6 m x 5 m
Dimensions as a trailer: 9,4 m x 2,46 m x 3,6 m

Net weight: 2400 kg

Permitted total weight: 2500 kg

Stage area: 48 m2

Height of stage floor: 1,0 - 1,3 m

Stage floor: slip-proof, weatherproof

Roof capacity: 300 kg - uniformly on each arch - total 1200 kg*

Floor capacity: 3,5 kN/m2 (ok.350 kg/m2)

Max. wind speed: wind zone 1 - 3 excepting the 5 km wide coastal areas and the islands of the North Sea and the Baltic Sea: max 17.8 m/s with the back and sides cover and max 27,5 m/s without covers

Max. the thickness of snow on the roof: mobile stages should be used only in periods in which there is no snow unless the snow is effectively removed, eg. by installing the appropriate heating devices

Canopy: PCV certified material (flame resistant)

Installation time: 1 hour